You’ve watched Initial D. You’ve read car blogs and Option magazines and you’ve seen coverage from Japanese car meets. You think you might’ve saved up enough money for a short holiday… but when should you book your flights? And what car events are taking place in Japan, and when?

If you love cars, Japan is a country that’s surely going to be at the top of your travel bucket list. But if you don’t know anyone in Japan, and you’ve never been there before, it can be pretty difficult to figure all this stuff out… was born out of the need for a solid, reliable information source on how you can experience authentic, real Japanese car culture in Japan. We’re here to break down the barriers and give you the knowledge and skills to gain exclusive access to automotive gems and treasures that your wildest dreams couldn’t even imagine.

With our in-depth, easy to digest guides, you’ll be able to learn everything there is to know about Japanese car culture. From insider travel tips on general etiquette, where to stay and where to eat, to detailed information about events and race tracks, museums and dream driving roads, workshops and automotive festivals – all of Japan’s best kept automotive secrets will be at your fingertips.

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About the creator. 

Hello, I’m Taryn! I’m an automotive photojournalist and car-obsessed, self-confessed Japan enthusiast from New Zealand. When I first travelled to Japan on a whim back in 2011, I fell head over heels in love. Japan was a magical wonderland filled with the most amazing sights, the most incredible cars and the coolest people in the world. One 10-day trip simply wasn’t enough…

Over the last half a decade I’ve travelled to Japan numerous times in an effort to discover as much as I can about this amazing country and its fascinating car scene, and now I want to help you share the same experiences!

I’ve designed to be an invaluable tool to help you discover all of the best stuff in Japan – it’s what I wish I could’ve had for the first time I went there! From our detailed Guides to our Event Calendar and helpful, in-depth Blog posts, everything in here has been put together specifically with the goal of helping other petrol-headed people like myself have the very best time in Japan as they possibly can.